One of those very random catch up kind of posts

I have opened up the blog several times this week to write and then the allure of laziness takes over and I don’t. Things are basically good. And busy.

The boys are ending their summer school sessions this month. Eli ends this week, Will has one more, then they both have a week off together. And the last week in August, Will starts preschool and my children, for one golden, beautiful year, will attend the same school. I am so excited about this I can barely contain myself. It helps that I deeply love our preschool and know that Will is going to be in such good hands there.

Speaking of Will, he’s in the middle of a bout of enterocolitis from something we can’t quite pinpoint. I’ll spare you the details, but we’ve cut out dairy and apples on suspicion that one or both may be the culprit and now we have to wait a few more days to see if things change, diaperly speaking. He’s not bothered, which is good, but it’s not pleasant for any of us at the moment.

He’s also hurling headfirst into the terrible twos like a man on a mission. Everything results in a hysterical screaming fit- not fight is too small for him to pick. It’s going to be a long few years with this child of mine. And it’s just a really, really good thing that he’s very cute.

Also, we got a kitten. And she is lovely. We (foolishly?) let Eli name her, and thus we have an adorable long hair/Maine Coone mix named Featherfluffy. Not Feather. Not Fluffy. Featherfluffy. So.

Sweet little Featherfluffy came home from the shelter with a wound infection (from her spay surgery) and 3 different viruses that have cost us several thousands of dollars to treat and have resulted in the sweetest little kitten on earth, who also happens to have a persistently runny nose (months. Months of snot) that she sneezes all over the damn house. I love her, but there is just so much snot. And! Because this isn’t good enough! She will have this virus for her whole life. It may, hopefully, go dormant, but she in times of stress it will re-emerge. So when (heaven forbid) we lose our older cat (not for MANY YEARS) we won’t be able to get Featherfluffy a companion because she will just give that cat the same virus. she’s already given it to our older cat, who thankfully has a much milder version.

Starting later this month, I’m picking up an extra day of work each week. Eli has to attend school 5 mornings a week (it’s part of the pre-K program), so since I would already have to pay for 5 days, it made more sense for me to add more work. Will will attend 4 days and I’ll get to have one day of just mom/Will time, which I think will be good for my insane nearly 2 year old. He could use some attention. It will also allow me to pick Eli up early one day a week so he can have a little break from school.

Other than that, there’s just not really much at all going on. We are happy, we are healthy (even Will is doing pretty good) and life is good. And hopefully we will continue to be this way. And maybe I’ll even remember to write occasionally. No promises.