First Day Feelings

This morning my baby started preschool.

We are extremely lucky that Elijah was already enrolled at an amazing preschool that is one of the few places that takes non-potty trained 2 year olds, so it was a no-brainer to move William at the start of this school year. We went last week and met the teachers (Elijah’s is the same as he had all summer, so it was a sort of non-event for him) and we absolutely adore Will’s teacher.


And today was just, it was a delight. William was happy to check out his new room, he was thrilled to take his big kid lunch box and walk in like his brother. I’m not sure he realized that I was leaving him there, since for a year he has come with me to drop Elijah off and then we’ve gone to his daycare, but you couldn’t tell.


And as the boys walked out to the playground, Elijah grabbed William’s hand and said, “William, do you want to come play with me?” Will of course said yes and just as I thought my heart couldn’t possibly be any more full, Elijah turned back to me and said, “Mom, don’t worry. I won’t let him get sad.”


They ran to the sand box and I burst into happy tears. Happy because we’ve found a school that we just adore, that we feel safe dropping our kids off. And happy because of the incredible generosity of our older son, to his brother. I have never felt luckier to be their mom than in that moment.

By all accounts, both boys had great days. Elijah played with his friends and William enjoyed his new classroom, his new friends and was a delight all day. The preschool director saw me at pick up and said it was as if William had always gone there. He acclimated that well.

both boys

Hopefully the coming days will be every bit as delightful as the first.


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  1. A good daycare makes all the difference in the world. When my son was in daycare, I was having a hard time at work. But looking for another job meant moving him to another daycare–and I couldn’t do it. You can’t pay people to love your kids; they did that for free. I will always be grateful for Cradles, Cribs, and Crayons! Glad you found someplace wonderful.

    And I love that first picture of William. (I love all the pictures, but that first one grabs my heart.) And what a great big brother Elijah has become. So sweet.

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