My President

Since November 8th, I have refused to use the phrase “not my president.” It may sound silly to those who adopted it on November 9th, but it just felt kind of trite to me. Of course Trump would technically be my president, so why yell about it? What good would it do for me to say that he wasn’t my president before he had even assumed office? I even foolishly hoped that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t be as terrible as I imagined. Maybe he would be like ever other president and end up being far more moderate than his campaign.

It has been 10 days since Donald Trump became the president of the United States. And he hasn’t been what I imagined, but that’s only because in my mind I could not possibly conceive of someone who seems to so deeply hate every American value that I hold dear. And yet, here we are.

And so, I would like to be perfectly clear today and every day for as long as he retains this office: Donald Trump is not my president.

I am embarrassed to be an American, to be one of his constituents and I will not be quiet about it. Donald Trump does not represent me and he will never be my president because that is not who my president is.

My president knows that this country was founded on immigrants and does not fear them or build walls to keep them out.

My president does not cast aside refugees who are fleeing terrorism because we are also afraid of terrorists.

My president does not administer a religious test for people seeking refuge from certain death in their home country because my president believes in religious freedom.

My president does not appoint anti-semites to any position of power.

My president does not fire qualified people who disagree with him and is happy to hear differing opinions.

My president does not ignore the judicial branch, but respects that they exist as a check and balance and welcomes their sometimes frustrating part in the government.

My president does not take away health insurance from millions of sick Americans.

My president does not benefit monetarily from leading the country because his first and only concern is helping our country to prosper.

My president does not declare a run for re-election the day he is inaugurated as a political game because he cares more about governing than winning.

My president can respect that other people have drawn bigger crowds because he knows that there are many more important things happening in this world.

My president believes in real, verifiable facts.

My president believes in science.

My president believes in climate change.

My president believes in freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

My president does not hate people, and does not legislate hate.

So no, Donald Trump is not my president.

He is everything I loathe and I fear him more than any terrorist in any corner of the world. He is everything I am raising my children not to be. He is everything our founding fathers feared and everything they sought to protect us from.

Let it be recorded that I will not fall in line. I will not keep my head down and make it through this administration. I will stand up. I will resist. I will speak out for those who don’t have my incredible level of privilege. And I will never stop. I will not let history repeat itself. I will not fall in line.

Because Donald Trump is not and will never be my president.



  1. While I understand the sentiment, for me I don’t think it’s right. For one, when the shoe was on the other foot, we were disgusted when people said that about President Obama. Two, I feel like it lets me off the hook to act in a “not my circus, not my monkeys” kind of way.

    While I am baffled that we are here, I know that I didn’t do all that I could during the election. My complacency surely played a part in the result and I think if everyone who feels that way, hangs on to that for the next 2 years and then 2 years beyond that, we can make an immediate difference. Then of course, we can never be complacent again or will be complicit in allowing a monstrosity like this to happen again.

    So at this point what I have settled on is, “Trump is my President and that’s why I’m so fucking mad and will fight like hell”.

    On another note, I listened to an episode of Hidden Brain the other day that I found very enlightening regarding our fellow citizens that found solace in Delicate Donny:

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