Another to Love

So, it’s finally time for that post that explains why I haven’t posted in ages. Yay!

When J and I first married, we were both very certain we wanted to have kids. We had originally agreed on somewhere between 2 and 4 kids, with him leaning more towards 2 and me leaning more towards 4 (interestingly, he’s one of 5 kids, I’m one of 2). After we had Eli and my mental health fell apart for a bit, we both realized 4 wasn’t going to work. But we also both kind of knew that 2 just didn’t feel right. Three was going to be our magic kid number. And the plan was that we would start trying for a baby in the late spring of last year, making Will and baby 3 about 2.5 years apart.

You know that thing about making plans, right?

Eli and Will were first try babies. Hell, Eli was first time not not trying. I have always been aware of how unusual and fortunate that is, but, I still don’t think I was adequately grateful for it. Because baby #3 was not a first try baby. Or a second try. Or a third try. And you get the idea. The trying and not succeeding at getting pregnant happened at the same time Will started preschool and I added extra work hours and life just got really busy. What little extra time I had in the evenings after the kids were in bed was spent trying to figure out why I wasn’t pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

I want to be super, duper crystal clear and not label this anything other than what it was- a slightly prolonged trying to conceive period. I wasn’t infertile or suffering from infertility and that’s why I hesitated to write anything about it here (and also because I know The Internet doesn’t think I should have a third kid and while The Internet is welcome to their opinion, I was not in a place where I could deal with hearing that). I mean, what kind of person with two healthy kids complains that it’s not easy to conceive a third? I might lack self-awareness and be a whiner, but even I know that’s not okay.

So I didn’t write. A few friends knew what was going on and it wasn’t a great few months. It was made tougher by five! pregnancy announcements from coworkers during the time we were not getting pregnant (and there are literally like 15 people at my work). It was a learning experience for me and I think I’m ultimately better for it.

In December I got a positive pregnancy test (baby is due in late summer, more or less on Will’s 3rd birthday) and thankfully everything has gone well since then. Many times between now and then I’ve wanted to write, not about pregnancy but about anything, but I’ve either been too sick or too tired to do so. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the first trimester stuff that you trick yourself into forgetting so you’ll get pregnant again because if you remembered it, no one would have more than one baby.

And so yes! A third baby! We could not be more excited or more grateful.

Last week we got an early extra ultrasound (as a gift from my work) and found out that we are having a boy. A third boy! We are just beside ourselves. I’m sure that girls are delightful and we’d love a daughter, but being the mom of boys has been the greatest gift of my life and having a third just feels so impossibly right. It’s the perfect way to complete our family.

As the fatigue fog is lifting, I’m hoping to be here more. Not just to talk about pregnancy again because I think I’ve said (twice) all that really needs to be said on that topic, but just to be here. To have this space up and running again for those who still read, and for me to write on it. This journey has been far from what I expected it would be, but I think that it has changed us in a good way. We’re not perfect people and not perfect parents, but we are absolutely thrilled to be expecting another boy. Another son to love.



  1. Congrats, Katie, J, Eli and Will:

    This news is so exciting! I’m thrilled for your growing family. It’s a good thing the Internet was NOT in on this decision. Sometimes I just want to tell the Internet to MYOB! This is between you and J. How have Eli and Will reacted? I suspect Eli gets the big brother thing a bit more? Please share as little or as much as you’d like as you go through pregnancy #3. Take good care of yourself, Katie.

    *I’m just curious if there are any restrictions because your job can be very labor (pun intended, maybe) intensive or is it more of a take it as it comes?

  2. Ohh, sweet, sweet Congratulations to you and your beautiful, growing family!!!

    So excited and thrilled for you! I have 3 siblings, two older brothers and one younger sister. I have one girl and my oldest brother has 3 boys, my middle brother has a boy and girl and my youngest sister has 2 boys and 2 girls. I always wanted 7 kids but alas, have but one but couldn’t be any less happier for my one. 😉

    Love and blessings to you and hope the fog lifts quickly and the rest of your pregnancy runs smooth as silk (it’s nice to hope for and even better when it DOES work out that way).

  3. That’s wonderful news! So happy for you all. I’ve read your blog for a long time now, but I have never commented. Couldn’t let this happy moment go unremarked. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

    I have missed you and so happy to hear you’ll be here more. And I’m so happy to have pictures of another beautiful child to adore from afar! You make beautiful children. I was having a crappy morning, but you made it all a bit brighter.

  5. I’ve been reading a long time and never commented before — but I couldn’t let this momentous occasion go by without saying Congratulations! So, so happy for you all!

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