Benjamin: Month 8


Today (fine yesterday. I remembered but frankly son, I was too tired because a certain son of mine never sleeps and I’m so chronically tired that functioning after 9pm is impossible, but I’m going to change the time stamp so it looks like I wrote it on time) you are 8 months old! Listen. 8 is awfully close to 12. I have some feelings.


It’s been A Month. You had a virus with intermittent fevers for a week, followed by a pair of ear infections. This was on the heels of mumtiple bouts of inconsolable screaming, mostly at night, and frankly I’m sort of glad that month is over. It wasn’t kind to you and you shared your germs with all of us, so the rest of us didn’t enjoy it much either. You do seem to have turned a corner so hopefully you’re on the path to health.


When you weren’t sick or screaming, you were your adorable, charming self. The other day you sat in the cart at Trader Joe’s like you’re a person and you were absolutely delighted. There were so many people to smile at! so many things to try to grab! It was the best for the world’s most social baby. You remind me very much of your biggest brother in that regard.


Speaking of which, you continue to adore your brothers more than almost anything. They can get you to smile light years faster than I can. You love when they interact with you and they get so excited when you smile at them. I know it won’t always be like this so I’m trying to savor the pure love and adoration you guys all seem to share. Your smaller big brother is pretty much the worst at being gentle, so hopefully you’ll only remember the sweet parts. Not the parts where he tries to launch you out of things.


You aren’t crawling yet because you are super devoted to sitting, but it’s on the horizon. You are great at pushing yourself backwards until you’re under things and you can pivot on your belly better than your brothers ever could. You aren’t stationary by any means, just alternatively mobile. All too soon you’ll be everywhere and none of us are quite ready.



Your likes this month include: Mom, Dad, Elijah and Benjamin, bananas, carrots, peas, water from a sippy cup, baths, baths with your brothers, snuggles with mom, the exersaucer, tags, crinkle paper toys and music.


Your dislikes this month include: being stuck in your car seat with no one to look at you, being put down if you can still see me, being set down for even a moment after 5pm, sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time and strawberries.


It hasn’t been the most fun month and you and I have both been above average tired and cranky, but I see a light ahead (possibly through a tunnel of sleep training, for which I am pre-emptively sorry and also, kind of not). I’m hopeful that things will calm down soon and that we will have answers to the screaming fits that have plagued the past few weeks.


People frequently ask me if we are going to have any more kids. I often give joking answers about us being tired or it being too loud, or the risk of it being a girl and ruining the streak, but the real answer is, we’re done because you completed our family. You were the final piece to our puzzle. You made our family complete and there’s no way to explain that except that it happened and I can feel it in my bones and in my heart. You were what we were waiting for all that time and now that you’re here, I can’t imagine adding another baby. You’re our end and you were worth the wait.


No matter what, we love you so very much. We are all better and happier for having you in our lives. Happy 8 months, my sweet buddy. I love you and can’t wait to see what next month brings.



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  1. Katie:

    You & Josh sure do make beautiful boys. When (or shall I say, if) you get a few spare seconds would you post a pic of all three boys together (that would be cuteness overload)? Speaking of boys, did you catch the family on the Today Show Friday that just gave birth to their 14th BIOLOGICAL SON! All 14 pregnancies were singletons and they were all boys. They said they didn’t find out this time (maybe every tine but that I’m not 100% sure on) but weren’t surprised when the doctor said, “It’s a boy!” LOL! I guess it’s like the Busby Family. Their (ALL GIRL) Quints just turned three plus big sister Blayke. I hope you’ve been feeling well & your headaches, are for the most part, are a thing of the past. Sadly, mine are not! Take care!

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